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Well, I'm starting to feel better, though, I'm going to let this hiatus go a couple days longer... to make sure. I want to make sure I'm totally out of a rut before I call it a day. To my new friends, sorry to lay a hiatus on you so soon D:.

As for lately, I have been so tired it isn't even funny. Like, falling over tired. I have not been sleeping much and I'm just alwaaaays working. At least I have Tuesday off.

I got to see Alicia Friday night. She was here when I got home from work. Ah, she's growing up, it's insane. I miss that little girl, so that was cool. Maybe after awhile I'll start seeing her a little more again. Haha, she's in her extremely lazy teenager faze. It's hard to believe I was like that, jeez.

Also, augh, I need to not smoke again at work. That was... hard. D:. /not fifteen anymore. Aside from unknowingly speeding, I have had my law breaking fix for the year.

SIGH, I got Devil Summoner 2 in the mail two weeks ago and i still haven't played it. God, I need to put my gamefly to use. And my netflix. Any good game or movie suggestions, guys? I'd love some.
are we digging a hole

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Things going on in my life; the same old usually.
I might get a job at the hospital soon? Idk. Supposedly this guy my dad grew up with could get me hired as a receptionist or something. It's a pretty good deal. At least ten bucks an hour plus benefits. Always good. Also, Laurent said something about assistant manager where I'm already working. ... Not worth much since we aren't offered anything there except a week paid vaca once a year.

And I suddenly feel rly bad. I so very much hate being alone. No friends, no anything beyond friends, and things involving all that that is frustrating the hell out of me. I am so sick of small talk to pass the time, too.
I want sincere interaction D:

But anyway, today at work... this 13 yr old boy kept looking at me, trying to be cool and saying, "you know what's up" to me. A lot. It was hilarious.
are we digging a hole

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Yay, it's my birthday tomorrow. I'll be turning 19. Probably not doing too much. I'm assuming my mom wants to take me out for dinner after I get out of work. Which is great. I like being spoiled :D.

Only thing that's depressive is not many people will remember. I know those that are still my friends here will (hopefully?) wish me a good one, but other people here... I'll be damn surprised. Except for my co-workers, but... idk. I guess I'm just all down about having absolutely no one here. It sucks. For weeks my co-workers have been asking, "so what are you doing? still haven't decided?". LOL, damn it, no. I have no life. I'm going to have dinner with my mom and fall asleep listening to Lady GaGa, okay?

Monica and Renae (both my co-workers) are friends now, I guess? They hang out outside work... really, I am the only one that has managed NOT to make outside friends with anyone that has been in and out of there. Am I really that unappealing in person? Jeez.

ANYWAY, I opened my present early. I got Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix DVD, Lady Gaga: The Fame, and Cage the Elephant CDs. I LOVE THEM. fjsdhfsd I just need a usb hook up for my car and I'm set. Ohoho yes.